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«The documents from COPE, published online by the BMJ, make clear that a COPE panel did investigate the issue but did not agree with Collins and his supporters. The COPE panel “found that neither paper met the COPE criteria for retraction.”

COPE also rejected the idea that it was unethical or inappropriate to publish articles critical of statins: “Without having an opinion on one or other side of the debate on the use of statins and their side effects, it is clear that this is a topic on which there is a considerable range of opinion and no purpose is served by censoring either side of the debate.”»

The Lancet Versus BMJ: Dispatch From The Statin Wars

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“There is no doubt that our experienced Editors missed several fairly obvious clues that should have set alarm bells ringing. We are embarrassed by this but we also have to realise that the editorial and peer review system is not designed to withstand fraudulent activities by a commercial criminal organisation blatantly abusing the trust that is the basis of our peer review system.”